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FENCE ARMOR - Protection For Your Fence Posts

Installation Guide

Posts require Fence Armor if they have been damaged by weed wackers or are in the common path of a weed wacker

Step 1: Identify posts that require Fence Armor. Typically, they are areas that are affected by grass trimmers.

Always reseal your damaged posts to avoid rot

Step 2: If your post is already damaged, it is best to waterproof, stain or paint the afflicted area before installing Fence Armor.

Position Fence Armor over the area of the post damaged by the yard trimmer

Step 3: Align Fence Armor so that it sits in the middle of the center line of your grass trimmer's path.

Secure Fence Armor to the post with a nail or screw

Step 4: If desired, use a hot dipped galvanized nail, 1 inch to 1 1/4 inch long. Hammer into place.

Secure Fence Armor to the post with a nail or screw

Step 5: The preferred method is to fasten with a #8x1½" self-tapping stainless steel screw. For Vinyl installation, pre-drill a hole and then fasten with the same screw with mild pressure so as not to deform Fence Armor.

Fence Armor's side holes can be used for fastenning as well

Step 6: Fence Armor can also be fastened from the sides, aligning hole to slot, if accessible. This is optional, as in most cases this is not necessary.

Fence Armor can stack vertically to protect a greater area of the post

Step 7: If a larger vertical area of protection is required. Fence Armor can be stacked until desired height is attained.

You can cut Fence Armor to fit any application

Step 8: If a low bottom rail prevents a full piece of Fence Armor, we recommend our Demi Fence Armor. Alternatively you can use shears or cutters to trim Fence Armor to suit your size needs.

Round the corners of a cut piece for safety

Step 9: For your protection, always remember to round the corners of a piece you have cut. Using a file will help in this.

Fence Armor can protect inside corners of fences as well

Step 10: Fence Armor is also useful for inside corner installation.

You can cut Fence Armor to fit a corner application

Step 11: Cut Fence Armor down the center to achieve a 90 degree corner. Again, do not forget to round the corners.

You can drill through Fence Armor in order to install it anywhere

Step 12: To fasten, pre-drill a 1/8 inch hole in an accessible location and fasten as described in steps 4 and 5.