The best defence for your fence.
The best defence for your fence.

❝I can say without hesitation, that this product is without a doubt well worth every penny for the protection of any fence. I highly recommend!❞
~Robin, HOA, Pennsylvania

Has the trimmer damage to your fence post gone from irksome to unacceptable? Maintaining your yard is necessary but the damage to your fence posts, deck posts or mailbox posts is not only unacceptable but it is taking years off the life of your investment.

Not anymore! For about the cost of a good coffee your fence posts can look new again while protecting your fence from sustaining further damage. No need to take extra caution while landscaping, Fence Armor has you covered…….and your fence too! Low cost, simple and easy to install and is made to match most fence colors, sizes and styles.

Stop the damage today the easy way! Measure and count your posts, then click the buy now. Worry-free maintenance is but a click away.

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